GC2Girls Can Too
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The morphotypes TC, CC, and GC1 were observed at 2 mo during the experiment in all treatments, whereas GC2 was observed at 3 mo (Fig.
As for the GC polymorphisms, the GC2 homozygote (GC2/GC2) was found to be significantly associated with asthma (OR = 3.
GC2 and GC3 represent the number of times the respondents had participated in green commuting in the last month, and the higher mean of these two items for urban, compared with suburban, respondents indicates that this group had performed more environmentally friendly behavior during that time.
Experimental groups Group [NaF] (%) pH Immersion Number of time (h) samples GC1 0 7 0 2 GC2 0 7 5 2 GI1 0 4 0 2 GI2 0.
Under this promotion, we are giving a guaranteed cash gift of RO1,000 on the Emgrand X7 and Emgrand 8 models, RO700 on the Emgrand 7 model, RO651 on the Geely GC7, RO400 on the GC2 and RO500 on the GX2 model.
2006) recomendam que, de modo geral, as geleias devam conter de 0,30 a 0,80% de acidez, logo os tratamentos GC2, GC3 e GC4 estao dentro desta faixa.
We bought the GC2 simulator, like the one on Sky Sports, to help members with their yardage and swing and to help with club fitting - but having the Belfry on there was well was a bonus
Por otra parte, en la figura 3 se pueden identificar tres grupos que se diferencian de los demas: GC4, que tiene los dos niveles altos; GC5, que esta en el medio del eje, y GC2, que tiene dos niveles bajos.
SI1, SI2, SI3, SI4, GL1, GL2, GL3, GL4, GL5, GL6, GL7, GL8, GC1, GC2, GC3 e GC4: questoes pertencentes ao instrumento de coleta de dados, em que as respostas, para cada questao, variam de 0 a 4.
Observou-se tendencia de reducao do teor de umidade com o decorrer do armazenamento para a maioria das amostras, sendo esta tendencia significativa (p < 0,05) nas geleias GC1 e GC2.
The unveiling, by International Motor Trading Agency, drew large crowds, eager to catch a glimpse of the line-up, which includes the Emgrand 7, Emgrand X7, Emgrand 8, GC2 and GX2.
The starting price of the luxury sedan 'Emgrand 7' is BD3,899 ($10,342), while the small car GC2 starts at BD3,099 ($8,220).