GCPWGeorge Coates Performance Works (San Francisco, CA)
GCPWGrant County Public Works
GCPWGoose Creek Public Works (Goose Creek, SC)
GCPWGrounded Co-Planar Waveguide
GCPWGeneral Confederation of Portuguese Workers (trade union)
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Figure 10 shows the frequency characteristics of the 75 [micro]m GCPW chip.
A 15 dB gain and a 54 GHz bandwidth were obtained with GCPW lines, as well as a 6 Vp-p output at 40 Gbps.
This article presents an effort to achieve an acceptable SOLR calibration on GCPW lines using the WinCal software.
4] The four standards are GCPW lines fabricated on an FR-4 substrate with an effective dielectric constant of 2.