GCQGifted Child Quarterly
GCQGlobal Care Quest (Aliso Viejo, CA)
GCQGroup Climate Questionnaire (behavioral science)
GCQGauss-Chebyshev Quadrature (numerical method)
GCQGeneric Quality of Life
GCQGeneralized Cascaded Quadruplet
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From 1995 to 2004, RR published 63 articles, GCQ published 43 articles, and JEG published 41 articles on topics related to multicultural education.
According to GCQ, ICIS PocketPACS provides viewing features such as zoom, multi-slice scrolling, pan, window-level contract adjustments, Cine mode and image inversion and rotation.
From his 4-inch GCQ phone, Martin checks on ``Martha,'' a 70-year-old patient now in a coma in the ICU, for a recent brain hemorrhage.
Martin ran up to the Dodger Dog stand for a solid cellular connection, then examined his GCQ handheld.
Addition of GCQ Technology to KARL STORZ Or1[R] Systems Will Expand Information Management Capabilities
the world leader in minimally invasive endoscopic technologies and operating room integration, and GCQ have expanded their marketing relationship to offer GCQ's ICIS OR LIVE solution with KARL STORZ OR1[R] operating room integration technologies.
This agreement provides the foundation for both KARL STORZ and GCQ to expand market access for our most innovative technologies," says Steve Martin, Manager, Alliance and Business Development, OR1(R), KARL STORZ.
The healthcare partners in Palm's booth include GCQ, GE Healthcare, McKesson, Mercury MD, PatientKeeper, and Trust Digital.
UCLA has combined our in-house electronic medical information system, GCQ, with the RP-6 remote presence system and we are able to monitor and access our patients anytime from our homes and offices in a way not previously possible.
The GCQ system also provides access to the institutional radiology PACS for immediate review of scans and x-rays through a handheld device such as a Wireless PDA or TabletPC.
In its written decision, the District Court Duesseldorf today ruled that the Finnigan GCQ and LCQ series of ion trap mass spectrometers infringe our `990 patent in Germany.
The subject of the tender is the supply of instrumentation - autosampler (dispenser) to the gas chromatograph GCQ Trace 1300 Research Laboratory atherosclerosis Institute of Medical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine, General University Hospital in Prague, including accessories, transport, customs, installation, commissioning, briefing according to the relevant provisions of the Act no.