GCROGauteng City-Region Observatory (South Africa)
GCROGreater Cedar Rapids Open (Marion, IA)
GCROGeneral Council and Register of Osteopaths (est. 1936; UK)
GCROGulf Coast Recovery Office (US DHS)
GCROGeneralized Conjugate Residual Method with Inner Orthogonalization (mathematics)
GCROGuilford Council of Religious Organizations
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No animal of GC urinated until T3h, while 17% of GCRO and 50% of GK did.
Until three hours, 67% of the horses of GC, 83% of GCRO and 50% of GK defecated and latency was 70 [+ or -] 35 min, 82 [+ or -] 25 min and 34 [+ or -] 29 min, respectively.
Heart rate, respiratory rate and rectal temperature (Table 1) did not change significantly and values of GCRO and GK were similar.
The GCRO is a partnership between the University of Johannesburg (UJ), University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) and the Gauteng Provincial Government (GPG).
A dose de crotalfina utilizada no GCRO foi calculada a partir da extrapolacao alometrica da dose de crotalfina administrada com sucesso na analgesia de ratos (PICOLO & CURY, 2004).
Tabela 1--Mediana, valor do 1[degrees] quartil, 3[degrees] quartil, valor minimo e maximo da latencia para o reflexo do fremito cutaneo na regiao escapular (LRFCesc) e isquiatica (LRFCisq) observada na pele integra de equinos submetidos aos grupos GC (5mL NaCl 0,9%), GCRO (3,8ng.