GCSS-MCGlobal Combat Support System - Marine Corps
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The Phase I demonstration, conducted at the Marine Corps GCSS-MC System Integration Lab at Pennsylvania State University's Applied Research Laboratory, successfully demonstrated interoperability between Army and Marine Corps information transmissions via FBCB2/JCR, each Service's logistics systems, and MAJIC.
The ability to seamlessly communicate requests for service, feedback, and status information between GCSS-MC and the Army STAMIS/GCSS-Army system is a primary objective.
The GCSS-MC program is managed by Marines and civilians from Marine Corps Systems Command, with acquisition oversight from the Navy's Program Executive Officer for Enterprise Information Systems.
Information collected will also help the program office validate the choice of keeping the GCSS-MC platform at its new location permanently.
Our Global Combat Support System-Marine Corps, or GCSS-MC, has made tremendous progress over the past year and is on target to do the same in 2008.
This is a critical step forward toward the successful delivery of GCSS-MC.
The GCSS-MC is Logistics Modernization's technology centerpiece.
The GCSS-MC program is expected to deliver a number of important new benefits to the U.
GCSS-MC replaces the Supported Activities Supply System and Marine Corps Integrated Maintenance Management System, or SASSY and MIMMS, respectively.
GCSS-MC is part of the Navy Program Executive Office for Enterprise Information Systems portfolio of enterprise-wide information technology programs.
Tim Flynn, program executive officer for enterprise information systems, "The GCSS-MC demonstration is the most recent example of our sharp focus on the needs of the warfighter.
Antonio Scoffield, team lead for the Marine GCSS-MC functional subject matter expert team.