GCWWGreater Cincinnati Water Works (Ohio)
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Results of the most successful strategies include: surveys demonstrating that GCWW customers are extremely pleased with the service received; a review of chemical treatment processes that saved $100,000 annually; utilization of real-time electric pricing that saved over $290,000; reduction of 70 employee positions; and participation in an award-winning groundwater protection program.
The integrated system will even enable GCWW customers to set service appointments based on the best fit for their schedule, further improving customer satisfaction.
GCWW is also planning to implement a departmental Field Mobile Computing strategy, empowering field service technicians with electronic access to schedules and work orders via mobile devices in the field.
GCWW will migrate all their document composition and template management processes from an in-house software platform to KUBRA s system, reducing costs and maintaining control.
GCWW is excited to partner with KUBRA to offer customers a more coordinated and convenient system for bill delivery and bill payment.
The training is intended to improve individual performance and provide efficiencies for GCWW that lead to ongoing increases in customer satisfaction.