GCWWGreater Cincinnati Water Works (Ohio)
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GCWW will migrate all their document composition and template management processes from an in-house software platform to KUBRA s system, reducing costs and maintaining control.
KUBRA, a customer interaction management solution provider, today announced it has signed an agreement with Greater Cincinnati Water Works GCWW , to provide comprehensive customer billing and payment services.
GCWW is also planning to implement a departmental Field Mobile Computing strategy, empowering field service technicians with electronic access to schedules and work orders via mobile devices in the field.
The integrated system will even enable GCWW customers to set service appointments based on the best fit for their schedule, further improving customer satisfaction.
GCWW supplies more than 48 billion gallons of water a year through 3,000 miles of water mains to approximately 235,000 residential and commercial accounts.
We believe Citect offers the best approach for GCWW now, and for many years into the future," explained Jay Kramer, I.
The CitectSCADA system is easily scalable to meet GCWW future needs without requiring major system changes and utilizes many new version 6.
GCWW tests the water more than 300 times a day from the source through treatment and in the distribution system to ensure high quality drinking water that meets all state and federal health standards.
GCWW ran the Rapid Scale Small Column Test (RSSCT) to simulate actual treatment conditions at the plant to compare the performance of various activated carbon products.
Fishburne added, "We are particularly pleased that GCWW has included performance testing as part of their evaluation process.