GD8Gestational Days 8
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mice administered 85 ppm iAs(III) from GD8 to birth (GD20) is associated with evidence of increased atherosclerotic disease in male offspring 10 and 16 weeks after birth compared to controls (Srivastava et al.
To investigate the effects of timing of arsenic exposure on long-term lung structure and function outcomes, we exposed a separate group of adult (8 week) female C57BL/6 mice to either arsenic (100 [micro]g/L; n = 7) or control (n = 7) drinking water for 10 weeks, the same amount of time as the mice exposed from GD8 to 8 weeks of age.
On the evening of GD8, dams were implanted subcutaneously with Alzet osmotic pumps (model 2004; Alza Corp.