GDACGreater Denton Arts Council
GDACGregory Drive Alliance Church (Canada)
GDACGenomic DNA Affinity Chromatography (biochemistry)
GDACGeneral Display and Control
GDACGaia Data Analysis Consortium (European Space Agency)
GDACGeorgia Disability Advocates' Calendar
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The surveillance of even moderate groups like GDAC comes at a pivotal time for the environmental movement.
About a month after he was approached by the FBI, Briggle received a notice from his employer, the University of North Texas, asking him to turn over all emails and other written correspondence "pursuant to City of Denton natural gas drilling ordinances and the 'Denton Stakeholder Drilling Advisory Group,'" an organization Briggle founded in July 2011 whose mission is similar to that of GDAC.
For members of GDAC and other anti-drilling organizations, the revelations were profoundly troubling.
Attendance at GDAC meetings declined and some members left the group altogether.
Although the state canceled its contract with ITRR, the company still works for the natural gas industry, according to GDAC attorney Paul Rossi.
The GDAC Management Committee includes these key players: Jonathan Magid, R.
A graduate of the University of Delaware and an avid team builder, Washington has contributed significantly to the growth of GDAC, building the media department from the ground up, with projected 1996 billings in excess of $8 million.
With the formation of this management team, GDAC solidifies its position as a full-service agency utilizing today's technologies to develop cost-effective communications for healthcare and business clients.
I have full confidence in Mike and am charging him with bringing the GDA and GDAC organizations closer together through a shared vision and a single focus," said Florschutz.