GDAHCGreater Detroit Area Health Council
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org allows visitors to sign up to become members, sponsors, register for events, and to receive the GDAHC newsletter.
As a health care leader that is recognized regionally and nationally, GDAHC works with everyone who gets care, gives care and pays for care to lift the quality of overall care in the community.
Several types of purchasers were interviewed for this site including a large automobile manufacturer, GDAHC, Medical Services Administration, and the Office of the State Employer.
GDAHC is one of the oldest coalitions in the country.
The steering committee consists of representatives from the Big Three automobile manufacturers, the UAWsers, MSA, the Office of the State Employer, GDAHC, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), RAND, the Foundation for Accountability, the National Committee for Quality Assurance, and HCFA.
As DaimlerChrysler's David Kempken puts it, "If we didn't have GDAHC, we'd have to recreate it.
We believe that the Save Lives, Save Dollars initiative will help redefine the roles of patients, providers and payors and become the model for addressing health care quality and cost issues across the nation," said Vernice Davis Anthony, president and CEO of GDAHC.
Thomas Group is working with GDAHC to develop and implement a cost-reduction strategy that maximizes quality while reducing costs.
We are working with GDAHC to provide best practices, process implementation and management tools that are needed to successfully achieve GDAHC's goals," said Gary Morrison, SVP in the Health Care Practice at Thomas Group.
For more information about the Diabetes Self Management Education program and how to implement a program at your site, contact Lisa Mason, program manager, GDAHC Save Lives Save Dollars, at 313-596-0811 or lmason@gdahc.
GDAHC Save Lives Save Dollars is a GDAHC initiative focused on improving health care quality, decreasing health care cost and consumer education.
Thomas Group's 30 plus years of leading operational innovation to bottom line results positions us well to partner with GDAHC in this movement to save lives and save dollars.