GDAISGeneral Dynamics Advanced Information Systems
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As previously reported, in March 2006, GDAIS informed the Company that JMAR would not receive additional subcontract funding for the remainder of 2006 and beyond.
Under a contract awarded by GDAIS in 1998, JMAR supported the DMEA in the design, construction and commissioning of the ARMS foundry, and since then has played a key role in the installation and implementation of that foundry's chip fabrication processes.
GDAIS, a prime contractor for the Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA), issued JMAR this subcontract as a Department of Defense (DOD) Advanced Technology Support Program (ATSP) element.
This contract builds on JMAR's long-standing relationship with both GDAIS and the DMEA and underscores our role in sustaining and improving the ARMS foundry," commented Ronald A.
The revenue shortfalls on the GDAIS Contract and the Navair Contract will be realized later in 2004.
The contract, two-thirds of which will be performed in 2004, continues JMAR's long-standing relationships with GDAIS and the DMEA and underscores the Company's unique role in sustaining and improving the ARMS foundry, which is an important part of the DMEA operations," said Mr.