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Concerning the international cooperation to fight the illegal trafficking of cultural properties, Director of law affairs in GDAM, Ayman Sulieman pointed out that UNESCO took important role in this regard, the most important of which, taking a number of diplomatic and legal measures and holding training workshops.
5, where the letter is referred to as yig mkhan rnams la gdams pa, "instruction to scribes," and is listed in volume Za (22) of the twenty-two volume edition of Bu ston's works at Bkra shis bsam gtan gling.
Now, if these men had left their manuscripts at Sa skya when they stayed there for some time in the first decade of the thirteenth century, then this scenario is nonetheless rather unlikely, presupposing as it does that Chos kyi rgyal mtshan, who was not a Sa skya pa but a Bka' gdams pa monk with no recorded upper echelon connections in Sa skya, had been free to roam and read at leisure in Sa skya monastery's libraries.
63) See the Bka' gdams pa gsar rnying gi chos 'byung yid kyi mdzes rgyan (Gangtok, 1977), 87.
We saw above that Jackson concluded from his text that Bsod nams dpal bzang po was unsympathetic to the Bka' gdams pa and the gdan gcig pa, the precisians, (and Vibhuaticandra).
While it is possible that civil unrest in the area also had something to do with Sakyagri not going to 'Bri khung, it is untransparent at the present stage of research why some Tibetans belonging to the Bka' gdams pa would have opposed his meeting 'Jig rten mgon po, especially since his biography by Shes rab byung gnas states that, beginning at the age of eight, he was associated, on and off, with a certain master Skyes bu pa and a "great mediator" (sgom chen) who had ties with the Bka' gdams pa monastery of Rwa sgreng.
de nas dwags(a) por byon pa la(b) mu ge chen po(c) byung nas /(d) gser zho res nas bre bdun bdun yang mi khugs(e) /(f) mi bsad nas mi sha za ba yang mang du yod /(f) bka' gdams pa dag na re yang bla ma de thams cad du brnyogs(g) pa cig 'dug pa la(h)/(f) da res ni sna Iteb par 'ong bya ba yang zer/(f)
Bka' gdams pa-s said: "Well, the Lama seems to be the one to cause trouble everywhere and now will also become disappointed.
An interesting passage concerning some reservations vis-a-vis Sakyasri on the part of the Bka' gdams pa is found in the biography of the great Rnying ma pa teacher of treasure[s] (gter ston) Nyang ral Nyi ma 'od zer (1124-92), written by his son Mnga' bdag 'Gro ba mgon po Nam mkha' dpal (?
It is, however, already in use in (at least) the beginning of the twelfth century, hence prior to Sakyasri's arrival in Tibet, as its variant jo stan is used in connection with, for instance, Nag po dar tshul, who was a disciple of Sne'u zur Ye shes 'bar (1042-1118), a major exponent of the Bka' gdams pa; see, for example, Las chen Kun dga' rgyal mtshan's study of this school of 1494 in Bka' gdams kyi rnam par thar pa bka' gdams chos 'byung gsal ba'i sgron me, vol.
The text was widely studied in Tibet, especially among members of the Bka' gdams pa school and by those who studied with them.