GDASGlobal Data Assimilation System
GDASGeneral Dynamics Aviation Services
GDASGeospatially-linked Data Access Service
GDASGlobal Deployment Analysis System
GDASGround Data Analysis Software
GDASGeospatial Domain Access Services
GDASGround Data Acquisition System
GDASGroundwater Data Analysis System
GDASGraphical Data Analysis System
GDASGlobal Delivery Application Services (Hewlett-Packard)
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The weather models currently featured include the CFS, GDAS, GEM, GENS, GFDL, GFS, NDFD, NOGAPS, RUC, SREF, and WW3 models.
The improved GDAS will be specifically designed for nuclear hardness and survivability testing at Little Mountain Test Facility in Ogden, Utah, where Boeing tests radiation, shock and vibration, environmental and electromagnetic effects on weapon systems.
Homeland Security effort, the development of the Infrastructure of Spatial Information in Europe (INSPIRE), the Global Monitoring of Environment and Security (GMES) project in Europe, and other initiatives including the EC Joint Research Centre's Global Disaster Alert System GDAS and the risk and crisis management scenarios used in the Australian Spatial Interoperability Demonstration Project (SIDP).