GDATPGeneral Dynamics Armament and Technical Products (operating unit of the General Dynamics Corporation)
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GDATP also fielded the Joint Service Lightweight Standoff Chemical Agent Detector (JSLSCAD).
GDATPs 20 mm three-barrel Ml97 cannon is a lightweight derivative of the six- barrel M61A1 Vulcan used in fixed-wing aircraft, and can fire at up to 1500 rd/min.
Based on successful APKWS-ADT firings in 2002, in 2003 GDATP was selected as prime contractor for the SDD (System Development and Demonstration) phase.
In September 2003 GDATP announced the first ground-launched APKWS flight test under the SDD contract.
In April 2006 BAE Systems was selected as prime contractor for the SDD phase of APKWS II, with GDATP now as subcontractor.
Returning to machine guns, GDATP markets the three-barrel 12.
Confusingly, GDATP now employs the new designation to the whole Hydra 70 family, and the APKWS consequently exists in both guided and unguided forms.
In February it was announced that GDATP had been contracted to perform the SDD (System Development and Demonstration) phase for the Block 1 unitary warhead version of the US Army's Advanced Precision Kill Weapon Systems (APKWS), which is to enter service in 2005.
Explorers ordered by the Mexican Navy have provisions for a GDATP 12.