GDCCGlasgow Drug Crisis Centre (UK)
GDCCGlobal Delivery China Center
GDCCGreat Dane Club of California (Anaheim, CA)
GDCCGlobal Data Collection Company (Netherlands; est. 1998)
GDCCGreater Dallas Community of Churches (Texas)
GDCCGroupement Départemental Carpe Creuse (French fishing organization)
GDCCGeorgia Diagnostic and Classification Center (Jackson, GA; behavior modification/rehabilitation; State of Georgia Department of Corrections)
GDCCGreater Dayton Corvette Club (car club; Dayton, OH)
GDCCGreater Dundalk Community Council
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Our business model is unique in that, in contrast to traditional mergers or roll-ups, our integration strategy focuses primarily on revenue enhancement through intra-group referrals, enriched cross-selling opportunities and the expansion of services and maintenance contracts," said John Whalen, GDCC founder, president and CEO.
GDCC believes that this strategy will enable it to own the customer relationship and to generate significant long-term recurring revenues.
GDCC believes that a large portion of this revenue will go to enterprises that can offer e-commerce solutions spanning the entire spectrum of services.
There can be no assurances that GDCC will be able to enter into a definitive agreement with this merger partner or that it will be able to raise the capital required to complete the acquisition.
Based in San Diego, GDCC is committed to providing revenue-generating, cost-effective, end-to-end Internet and electronic commerce solutions to clients seeking an expanded Web presence, achieved through interactive strategic consulting, creative Web development and connectivity solutions.
Perhaps GDCC can be ported to general-purpose multiprocessors, but that is not the issue.
Parallel constraint logic programming language GDCC and its parallel constraint solvers.
GDCC is a concurrent constraint logic programming language for solving nonlinear equations and it is a concurrent counterpart of CAL.
The concurrent constraint language GDCC and its parallel constraint solver.
The strategy should guide both the work of the GDCC as well as provide ample data to inform submissions to the County Development Plan; applications for potential support and funding streams; and any opportunities to also include a brief study visit to Vihtijarvi, in Finland, with some members of the GDCC.
Founded 16 years ago by Gina Din-Kariuki, GDCC is recognized as the leading integrated public relations firm in the East African region and has won many industry awards, both locally and nationally on behalf of its clients.
The GDCC instantly calculates in advance the all-inclusive delivered cost of goods directly on the vendor's web site, including freight, insurance, duties, taxes, VAT, customs clearance fees and other import charges.