GDCRGlobal Day of Coderetreat (software code)
GDCRGreat Dock Canoe Race (Naples, FL)
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Contract Awarded for BPQ-KZJ & PDPL-LPJL & MAGH GDCR Sections: Proposed Alumino Thermic welding of Rail joints with compressed Air Petrol/LPG pre-heating with Automatic tapping thimble & multiple use crucible with three piece pre-fabricated moulds in accordance with IRS specification.
Tenders are invited for KZJ - BPQ Section: Supply of drinking water by tankers to Railway colonies and service buildings at BPA, SKZR, MKDI, WIRR, VHGN, ASAF, PRPI running Room, GDCR, MMZ, PPZ, KOLR, PTKP, BGSF, JMKT and OPL Stations under Sr.