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GDDGesellschaft für Datenschutz und Datensicherung
GDDGuilde des Doctorants (French: Doctoral Students Guild)
GDDGnathodiaphyseal Dysplasia
GDDGroup Divisible Design
GDDGlobal Distributed Diary
GDDGaseous Detection Device (Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope)
GDDGross Domestic Debt (economics)
GDDGeographically Distributed Development
GDDGlobal Development Delay
GDDGlaucoma Drainage Device
GDDGrowing Degree Days
GDDGlobal Data Dictionary
GDDGlobal Disease Detection Program (US CDC)
GDDGame Design Document
GDDGroup Delay Distortion (Hekimian)
GDDGeneral Discussion and Debate
GDDGoogle Developer Day (convention)
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Treatment of feed water - treatment of wastewater - providing polymers Station # 1 - EU processing station: thickening of sludge Dewatering grids OF GDD (emulsion): min / year: 10 tons - max / year: 15 tons Station # 2 - U.
GDD DGD PAL BOL MIL BUR DGDGDGGD Dgjfshdjfgsjdhfhsdfgdshgf dflsdflsdfljsldjkfjkfdkljdflkkjdf.
Global developmental delay (GDD) GDD causes problems with development and learning.