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GDDGesellschaft für Datenschutz und Datensicherung
GDDGuilde des Doctorants (French: Doctoral Students Guild)
GDDGnathodiaphyseal Dysplasia
GDDGroup Divisible Design
GDDGlobal Distributed Diary
GDDGaseous Detection Device (Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope)
GDDGross Domestic Debt (economics)
GDDGeographically Distributed Development
GDDGlobal Development Delay
GDDGlaucoma Drainage Device
GDDGrowing Degree Days
GDDGlobal Data Dictionary
GDDGlobal Disease Detection Program (US CDC)
GDDGame Design Document
GDDGroup Delay Distortion (Hekimian)
GDDGeneral Discussion and Debate
GDDGoogle Developer Day (convention)
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t+[DELTA]t)] = Adultt + [DELTA]t(N6 developing - A mortality) GDD [GDD.
Figure 4 presents the estimated BL of both GDD and FI for different aggregation levels along with their confidence intervals.
The GDD trends for various states in the country have shown varied results.
Although it has limitations, use of GDD has subsequently become a rough guide for global comparisons of growing season temperatures among viticultural regions, and for selection of climate-appropriate grape varieties.
Application of LD mapping can be justified to detect QTL in BTX, for which the conventional linkage analysis cannot be conducted in the GDD design by exploiting extensive LD (Sandor et al.
The process must be coordinated from the top, and well resourced with technical expertise, GDD, and country specific gender studies.
Can small companies jointly use facilities in the GDD supply chain?
Veneti Z, Bentley JK, Koana T, Braig HR, Hurst GDD.
Still, an examination of the Indian experience suggests that causality runs more from GDD growth to FDI than the other way around (Chakraborty and Basu, 2002).
1) Thirlwall (1999) pointed out that developed countries agreed, under UNO, to transfer 1 percent of their GDD as international aid to the developing world but it was never fulfilled.
The GDD claims to have used a random sampling method, yet it also attempted to sample a "real representation of all social groupings and sectors, so as to reflect the overall way of thinking in society concerning the issues under study.