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GDEGewerkschaft Der Eisenbahner (German)
GDEGraphical Development Environment
GDEGroundwater Dependent Ecosystem (environmental science)
GDEGhosts Don't Exist (film)
GDEGeneric Data Exemption
GDEGimbal Drive Electronics
GDEGNOME (GNU (Gnu's Not Unix) Network Object Model Environment) Desktop Environment
GDEGroupe Démocrate Européen (French)
GDEGibbs Duhem Equation
GDEGroup Insurance Data Entry
GDEGrooming Drop Edge
GDEGross Domestic Expense
GDEGame Design Expo
GDEGoogle Does Exist (internet slang)
GDEGeneral Dynamics Electronics Division
GDEGeospatial Data Exploitation
GDEGeometric De-Eutrophication (software reliability model)
GDEGlobal Data Excellence (est. 2007)
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Verificou-se relacao positiva entre a perda de peso e a circunferencia da cintura: o GDE teve maior reducao (4,9 cm), seguido pelo GD (3,23 cm) e pelo GE (1,77 cm), porem os tres grupos continuam com os valores acima do recomendado pelo National Cholesterol Education Program's Adult Treatment Panel III--NCEP-ATP III (SBC, 2005).
15 addresses Graduate Professional Education (GPE), of which GDE is a subset, and defines ADOs for internships such as the Army's 1-Year Advanced Education in General Dentistry Program.
monococcum accession shared more bands with hexaploid entries (mean GDE = 0.
As part of its drug deterrence policy, GDE Systems has an ethics program staffed by a full-time director.
The main business of GDE is explorations and exploitations to build power plants and energy distribution facilities.
Normally, the figure should be roughly 7-8 percent of GDE Thus, long-term bond holdings should be eliminated and interest rates (short and long) be normalized.
E & E") (TSX VENTURE:AEF) are pleased to announce that the amalgamation of the companies has been completed and effective at the opening, January 9, 2006, the subordinate voting shares of GC-Global Capital Corporation will commence trading on TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol GDE.
The remaining budget deficit reflects the fact that spending exceeds this historically average share of taxes in GDE I don't have a good crystal ball of where fiscal policy is going, but my preference would be that an economy at full employment would aim for budget balance, and I consistently argued for such a policy when I was at Treasury.
Gallup wanted to eliminate this requirement while still providing the robust interactive functionality built into the GDE, such as the ability for users to run their own analyses and build correlating custom charts and reports.
Five years later, Italy is in recession and its budget deficit next year is likely to be close to 6 percent of GDE There is even talk of Italian withdrawal from monetary union.
With over 15 years' experience, he has held engineering and software design positions at several companies with a strong reputation for technological innovation, including GDE Systems Inc.