GDECGuitar Digital Entertainment Center (also seen as G-DEC; Fender)
GDECGlobal Dracunculiasis Eradication Campaign (Guinea worm disease)
GDECGulf Diesel Equipment Company (Saudi Arabia)
GDECGroup DeCorrelator
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Vohra will continue to oversee the Sales and Marketing for the enlarged yachting business at GDEC, with responsibility for the global marketing strategy involved in building the brand name for Superyachts Inc.
the sales and marketing company, GDEC has negotiated to acquire two affiliated companies, PR Marine Inc.
Vector is to receive either $49,900,000 in cash, as the balance of a $50,000,000 purchase price for the assets, or in the alternative, GDEC may elect to pay only $1,150,000 in cash, assume certain Vector debt and issue $30,000,000 in restricted shares of common stock of GDEC to Vector.
The first phase of the Venture Agreement calls for ZEL, over the next nine months, to procure and supply GDEC with 25,000 units consisting of computer hardware and software, including the Ziran Input System technology.