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This partnership combines our extensive bridging and vehicle engineering skills with GDELS bridge manufacturing expertise.
In terms of protection GDELS integrated a new mine protection solution that has been tested and certified in February 2014 by a Nato country with a four high-level blast test campaign; the new mine protection is based on a high-resistance hull bottom and includes innovative shock-attenuating devices both for personnel and equipment (no further details were forthcoming).
GDELS to develop a prototype of how defense HTK system integrated as a fully functional system of the Piranha and the EAGLE IV vehicles.
EAGLE IV 6X6: The latest addition to the family, announced two years ago and unveiled at Eurosatory 2012, is the 6x6 version of the GDELS vehicle.
Piranha 5: GDELS unveiled its Piranha Class 5, adding to generations of more than 10,000 Piranhas produced thus far.
The Spanish government has placed a contract with GDELS to procure 21 Piranha IIIC amphibious vehicles to equip the Infanteria de Marina (Spanish Naval Infantry).