GDISGlobal Distribution Images System
GDISGeneral Dynamics Information Systems
GDISGreen Dot Internet Services PTE Ltd. (Singapore)
GDISGrid Data Integration System (computer architecture)
GDISGuam Data Interface System
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With the addition of the new languages, the Metrash2 service can be accessed by a higher number of expatriates as the application is now available in six languages," said Brig Abdul Rahman al-Maliki, GDIS assistant director, noting that a bunch of new services has been added to the app, mainly pertaining to services provided by the Community Police Department for citizens and expatriates alike.
The GDIS has set up a 24-hour call centre (234 2000) to assist subscribers in case of any queries or technical help.
The Data Storage component part of GDIS is responsible for storing the data by using available storage back-ends such as local disk file systems (eg.
The data indexing components enable GDIS to provide fast access to the data offered by the storage component.
The GDIS layer also provides a simpler query language called GDIS Query Language (GQL).
One particular student, Beneato, was privileged to represent not only GDIS, but Birmingham Education Authority and England in the Indies project in Brussels.