GDMSGlobal Data Management System
GDMSGeospatial Data Management System (Ordnance Survey; UK)
GDMSGlobal Document Management System
GDMSGlobal Data(base) Management System
GDMSGlow Discharge Mass Spectrometer (test to define the elements in a sample)
GDMSGannett Direct Marketing Services (Louisville, KY)
GDMSGeographic Data Management System (mapping; Safe Software Inc.)
GDMSGlobal Distribution Management System
GDMSGlobal Dealer Management System (Hyundai)
GDMSGlobal Data Management Services
GDMSGuidelines for the Definition of Management Services (ITU-T M 3020)
GDMSGoddard Directives Management Systems
GDMSGun Director Mode Status
GDMSGracefully Degradable Multi-Computer System
GDMSGarden of Discovery Montessori School (Grayson, GA)
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Venue: Hall 2 on GDMS website; can be attended remotely.
To attend the event participants need to get registered with GDMS website.
All the participants who volunteered to participate in the study were instructed to complete the BPCS and GDMS instruments, along with a demographic sheet.
Item total correlation was computed for the subscales of GDMS to determine the internal consistency of each subscale.
The GDMS has now been fully integration-tested within Ordnance Survey's geospatial systems infrastructure, and has been in operational use since early July 2011.
Bob Goodrich, Director of IS, said: "Ordnance Survey continually pushes the barriers of technology, and the GDMS has been another fantastic example of this.
Para o GDM, GDMM e o GDMS nao houve diferenca estatisticamente significante no que se refere as habilidades em CF (Tabela 2).
Ja para o GDM, GDMM e o GDMS houve diferenca estatistica para essa variavel (Tabela 4).
World Class GDMS and Laser Ablation ICP-MS Services
GDMS is an extremely powerful tool for performing trace and ultra-trace elemental analysis on inorganic solid materials such as metals and alloys, semiconductors, ceramics, glasses, carbides, salts as well as thin films and coatings.
This success demonstrates that with the support of our technology partners, Dassault Systemes, Computer Sciences Corporation and IBM, GDMS is able to continue the evolution of its world class IPDE implementation," explains Don Slawski, Program Manager, General Dynamics Marine Systems IPDE.
CATWEB's infrastructure allows us to extend the visualization capabilities using Java and CORBA technologies to access CAD, PDM and legacy data managed within the GDMS IPDE," explains Christine Hendrick, Computer Sciences Corporation, Program Manager, IPDE Applications Development.