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GDNFGlial-Cell Line-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (aka Glia Derived Neurotrophic Factor)
GDNFGesinnungsgemeinschaft der Neue Front (German)
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Compared with the diabetic group, the corneal sensitivity, number of corneal nerve fibers, and contents of such neurotrophic factors as VEGF-B, NGF, and GDNF in the corneal tissue in diabetic + SA group showed a significant increase, indicating that SA injection had a certain neurotrophic effect, which could enhance the repairing capacity of the corneal nerves after injury by promoting the expression levels of the NGF and GDNF.
Similarly, overexpression of GDNF and its mRNA has been reported following busulfan treatment, the drug which eliminates germ cells from seminiferous tubules in mice (19-21).
Male Sprague- Melatonin 4 [micro]g/mL recovered Dawley rats motor deficits and normalized TH immunoreactivity and GDNF mRNA levels.
Previous research has shown that elevated levels of GDNF can lead to weight loss in rodents and primates with age-related obesity and prevent weight gain in younger animals.
Calcitriol imparts neuroprotection in vitro to midbrain dopaminergic neurons by upregulating GDNF expression.
This is in marked contrast to the regenerating peripheral nerve wherein Schwann cells produce a number of growth-promoting molecules, including NGF, BDNF, neurotrophin-3, GDNF, and others [63].
4] M ascorbic acid, 10 mg/ml d-biotin, 30 ng/ml (3-estradiol, 60 ng/ml progesterone, (20 ng/ml) recombinant human EGF, (10 ng/ml) recombinant human GDNF (all from Sigma-Aldrich), (10 ng/ml) recombinant human LIF (Chemicon International Inc.
BIG news in alcohol addiction: New findings on growth factor pathways BDNF, insulin, and GDNF.
Ret is a receptor tyrosine kinase, and the receptor is one that recognizes the GDNF family of signaling peptides.
Taken together, these positive data provide encouragement for the continued development of GDNF gene therapy and its extension to other neurodegenerative indications such as multiple system atrophy (MSA) and Huntington's disease.
GFAP knockout mice have increased levels of GDNF that protect striatal neurons from metabolic and excitotoxic insults.