GDOESGlow Discharge Optical Emission Spectrometry
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Chromate films were characterized using SEM and GDOES techniques showing continuous microcracks and changes in the chromate structure and consequent product performances with modifications in the chromating process (bath composition and rinses composition).
Keywords Chromate conversion, Fractional factorial design, Zinc coating, GDOES
GDOES analysis showed that the bi-layer coating presents an intermixed zone favoring continuity and adhesion between layers.
The GDOES profiles of the sample B were selected to be shown in Fig.
Surface oxygen peaks are present in all GDOES graphs.
GDOES (Horiba Jobin-Yvon RF Profilometer) was used to evaluate the semi-quantitative composition and thickness of the ALD deposits.
3 on silicon GDOES on low 110 150 108 105 roughness samples
GDOES profiles proved to have a good reliability in ALD coating thickness evaluation on polished samples, showing data very close to those obtained by profilometric techniques.
Because no reference materials were present for amorphous ceramics, a specific GDOES calibration was required.