GDOPGeometric Dilution Of Precision (GPS)
GDOPGeometrical Dilution of Precision
GDOPGeografie Dopravy
GDOPGeneral Directorate of Pharmacy
GDOPGlobal Digital Opportunity Project (Markle Foundation; New York, NY)
GDOPGlobal Day Of Prayer
GDOPGarage Door Opener (real estate ads)
GDOPGroundfish Disaster Outreach Program (Oregon)
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Some officers alleged that, although the GDOP allocated sufficient budget for gasoline, part of the money went into private use.
Each prison has a Security Classification Committee, chaired by the warden, whose role is to classify prisoners into high, medium or low security categories (1988; GDOP, 2003, Procedure 2).
Prison procedures and the UN Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners were not strictly adhered to and overcrowding appeared normal (1977; GDOP, 2003).
It is assumed that in 2010, GDOP had 1,700 staff- 1,530 were guards and received a monthly salary of $50 and 170 were officers and got an average salary of $100 per month.
Besides the GDOP, a range of customers, from international relief agencies to individual believers across the globe, utilize Greater Calling's services.
And leaders from most major traditions of Christian faith are calling upon their followers to join this historic act of united prayer on May 15, 2005, for the first GDOP.
Participants must register for the GDOP teleconference prayer call by May 14 by going to www.