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GDPGross Domestic Product
GDPGewerkschaft Der Polizei
GDPGround Delay Program (aviation traffic flow initiative)
GDPGuanosine 5'-Diphosphate
GDPGateway Discovery Protocol
GDPGlobal Drifter Program
GDPGeneralized Drawing Primitive
GDPGlucose Degradation Product
GDPGeneralized Documentation Processor
GDPGround-Delay Programme (air traffic management)
GDPGroup Design Process
GDPGeneral Duties of Pilot (Pakistan)
GDPGlobal Detection Probability
GDPGeneric Deployment Plan
GDPGrounded Into Double Play (baseball)
GDPGraduate Development Programme (various locations)
GDPGeneral Dental Practitioner
GDPGood Distribution Practice
GDPGaseous Diffusion Plant
GDPGlobal Data Pool
GDPGlow Discharge Plasma
GDPGood Documentation Practice
GDPGiant Depolarizing Synaptic Potential (neurology)
GDPGraduate Degree Program
GDPGeneral Defense Plan (SACEUR)
GDPGrand Daddy Purple (marijuana strain)
GDPGround Data Processing
GDPGraphics Display Processor
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Consider Bolivia, which has 20 people per square mile and a per capita GDP Of $2,400.
McCallum-type monetary rules offer models of nominal GDP targeting policies:(12)
Once again, however, the problem is that the GDP disregards this information.
In 2012, Mexico had the 14th-largest gross domestic product (GDP) in the world and saw greater GDP growth than the U.
Schorfheide and D Song, "Improving GDP Measurement A Measurement-Error Perspective", unpublished manuscript, April 2013.
The five metropolitan areas with the lowest per capita real GDP in 2013 were Lake Havasu City-Kingman, AZ; Sebring, FL; The Villages, FL; Brownsville-Harlingen, TX; and McAllen-Edinburg-Mission, TX.
As regards the expenditure components of the GDP, a contributor to the positive economic growth was the growth in the collective final consumption by 1.
In the United States, real GDP growth rebounded strongly to 1.
Total Cyprus GDP in 2013 was around e1/416,504 mln compared to e1/417,720 mln in 2012.
8 percent increase in real GDP during the fourth quarter, with a 2.
In the case of Germany, however, the Maastricht treaty prohibited its government from running a budget deficit greater than 3 percent of GDP.