GDPAGeneral Directorate of Petroleum Affairs (Ministry of Energy; Turkey)
GDPAGraphical Development Process Assistant (German computing tool)
GDPAGraphical Design Process Assistant
GDPAGeneral Dental Practitioners Association (trade union; UK)
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The real GDP series are constructed by multiplying each date and vintage of the GDPA by the corresponding date and vintage of DEFL.
The next step for us now is to tour the album and begin working again with GDPA early next year.
The timing to achieve the 100% target is now the subject of discussions between GDPA and Perenco and is targeted for 1998 or earlier.
For some months, Shell has been discussing with the Ministry of Environment, GDPA and DSI (Turkish Water Authority) the details of how such a monitoring programme could best be carried out.
The GDPA recently launched its creative hub in Ray Street, which has been backed by Microsoft, who have fitted several state of the art music and production studios.
It is the latest project by the GDPA, which was set up by business contractor, Sharon Jandu to help turn around the lives of children at risk of reoffending and those classed as NEETs (Not in Education, Employment or Training).
Dominic Mills, founder of GDPA, explains: "We are looking to start our second programme in September or October.
For more details about GDPA and opportunities for young people see the website www.
So far 10 candidates have already completed the GDPA programme and have gone on to find courses or employment.
A major motivation for the GDPA is to counter the chilling effect of the global gag rule even when it is not in place: Because of the high risk of the global gag rule returning with a change in U.
series is series GDPA in the FRED database (Federal Reserve Economic Data, from the Federal Reserve Bank of St.
This was the first time thatA Bulgaria'sA GDPA expanded since theA recessionA set in at the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009.