GDPAGeneral Data Protection Regulation (EU)
GDPAGeneral Dental Practitioners Association (trade union; UK)
GDPAGeneral Directorate of Petroleum Affairs (Ministry of Energy; Turkey)
GDPAGas Drive Plasma Pinch
GDPAGraphical Development Process Assistant (German computing tool)
GDPAGraphical Design Process Assistant
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GDPA was founded four years ago by former careers adviser now businesswoman and magistrate, Sharon Jandu.
Among its projects, GDPA has worked with Leeds City College to provide young people in Huddersfield with English, maths and learning employability skills; North Huddersfield Trust School on issues including citizenship, the value of education and careers; and Barclays Life Skills on money management and work-based skills.
A major motivation for the GDPA is to counter the chilling effect of the global gag rule even when it is not in place: Because of the high risk of the global gag rule returning with a change in U.
There is no chance that the GDPA will pass in the near future, though, and the prospects for whether and how much the United States will contribute to UNFPA are uncertain.
The real GDP series are constructed by multiplying each date and vintage of the GDPA by the corresponding date and vintage of DEFL.
The next step for us now is to tour the album and begin working again with GDPA early next year.
The GDPA recently launched its creative hub in Ray Street, which has been backed by Microsoft, who have fitted several state of the art music and production studios.
The GDPA Microsoft Creative and Technology Hub in the Ray Street Enterprise Centre, which is also being backed by Barclays Bank and social enterprise Global Diversity Positive Action (GDPA), will help set young people from the town on the right track to glittering futures.
It is the latest project by the GDPA, which was set up by business contractor, Sharon Jandu to help turn around the lives of children at risk of reoffending and those classed as NEETs (Not in Education, Employment or Training).
Matthew has completed the GDPA course which included skills to assist him in running his own business.
Those who sign up to the GDPA programme will also have the opportunity to experience work placement that will be found in their area of interest.
In Malaysia, SMEs are the major contributor the country's GDPAs and also it has a good share in the employment sector.