GDPGGender, Development and Participatory Governance (training course)
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The statistically significant result of GDPG and positive coefficient means that Pakistani banks are forward- looking i.
During the 2011 Japanese earthquake, the GDPG and SDGP alone combined to send more than 20 reporters to Japan.
Methodologically, this study is a case study of two typical newspapers: the Guangzhou Daily (GD) of the GDPG and Southern Metro (Metro) of the SDPG.
As showed in column "IDC-1", "IDC-2", and "DEV" of Table 2, we find that three market factors, GDP, RGDPpc, and GDPG, and the trade openness of a host market have the same expected results, namely positive effects on FDI, as we estimated in Table 1.
FDI (inward foreign direct investment) is the dependent variable; and LnGDP, GDPG and LnER are the three control predictors.
Los QTL detectados para ganancias de peso diarias GDD y GDPG se ubicaron a los 50 cM y 110 cM respectivamente.
En el analisis entre familias se detectaron QTL en el BTA5 con significancia p [menor que o igual a] 0,05 para las caracteristicas de crecimiento relacionadas con peso: peso0m, peso16m, GDPG, para las caracteristicas de crecimiento medidas por ecografia: AOL peso12m, AOL peso16m y con significancia de p [menor que o igual a] 0,01 para la caracteristica GDD.
For example, including both GDP per capita and GDP growth did not improve on model 3, and the coefficient for GDPG was insignificant.
Replacing GDP per capita with GDPG, or including both variables together, in models 3 and 4 did not improve the explanatory power of the estimations, and the coefficient for GDPG was always insignificant.
We instrument for capital and export variables by using labour, export shares and lagged values of capital, weighted exports growth, and GDPG as instruments.
The instrumented variables are capital and weighted export growth and instruments are labour, export shares, lagged values of capital, lagged values of weighted export growth and lagged values of GDPG.
NSG = a + b BDG + c GCEG + d GIG + c GDPG + f RIR + g TOT+ h RMTG + [member of]i