GDPMGoal Directed Project Management
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Summary of the forecast - UK economy Real gross national Real income (a) GDPM (a) Unemployment (b) CPI (c) 2015 3.
For those returning from South Korea to the economic zone in the past 14 days, they will self-quarantine in their accommodation and receive health monitoring, said the GDPM.
Despite being swallowed up by his civil servants, our GDPM is still seen as the Defender of the Faith by Old Labour.
The GDPM representative advised local authorities to cooperate with the healthcare sector for early detection of new H1N1 flu case, so that they will be isolated, diagnosed and treated promptly.
Forecast summary Percentage change Real GDPM World OECD China EU-27 Euro USA Japan Germany Area 2010 5.
Summary of the forecast--UK economy Real gross Unem national Real ploy- income (a) GDPM (a) ment (b) CPI (c) RPIX (d) 2013 1.