GDPPCGross Domestic Product per Capita
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Multinationals prefer the existence and availability of somewhat skilled labour for value addition of their products, and increasing GDPPC besides the economic health of the host also signifies the education level and skill accretion of the population.
From the discussion above, we expect to find the percentage of a population with access to improved water to be positively correlated with both GDPPC and EQUALITY.
Table-1: Openness and Economic Growth DEPENDENT VARIABLE: GDPPC
where GDPPC is the per-capita income of the different US states and Canadian provinces, and DROPR, SPLITAO, MERGEOO and MERGEIE are "dummy variables" (i.
It was expected and seems natural given the relatively low GDPPC of all the five host countries which portrays labour wages and public purchasing power along with a country's overall development level.
GDPPC, POV, INEQ, EDI), {t - c/2) is the time trend, c stands for sample size and [[?
Variable Description and Source Information Variable Description GDPPC Gross domestic product per capita, measured in constant (2000) US dollars.
The estimated hazard rate of the variable GDPPC is statistically significant and greater than 1.
Table 1: Variable Description, Symbols, Data Sources Variables Proxy Used Abbreviations Data Source Foreign Direct FDI Stock LnFDI UNCTAD Investment Market Size Total Population LnPOP WORLD BANK Development Level GDP per Capita Ln GDPPC WORLD BANK Human Capital Primary Education LnPRI BARRO and LEE Openness Trade as a percentage Ln Trade WORLD BANK of GDP Trade Liberalisation Regional Trade Ln RTAs WTO Agreements Preferential Trade Ln PTAs WTO Agreements Table 2: Summary Statistics Variable Name Proxy Obs.
GDP and GDPPC measure real Gross Domestic Product and real Gross Domestic Product Per Capita, respectively.
Development level, proxied by GDPPC in current US dollars, signifies peoples' living standard as well as the extent of economic progress of a country.