GDPWGross Die Per Wafer
GDPWGood Die Per Wafer (semiconductor manufacturing)
GDPWGuam Department of Public Works
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5 Deficit projected to fall below 3% of GDPW Australia 2013 Austria 2011 Belgium 2013 Canada 2014 Denmark 2013 Finland 2014 France 2017 Germany 2011 Greece -- Ireland 2019 Italy 2014 Japan -- Netherlands 2013 Portugal 2015 Spain -- Sweden -- UK 2016 US 2018 Notes: (a) Expenditure shares reflect NiGEM aggregates, which may differ from official government figures, (b) The deficit in Sweden has not exceeded 3 per cent of GDP in recent history.
Summary of the forecast--UK economy Real gross national Real Unemployment income(a) GDPW (b) CPI (c) RPIX (d) 2011 -0.
Summary of the forecast--UK economy External Real gross Unemployment current national Real (b) CPI RPIX balance income (a) GDPW (c) (d) (c) 2010 0.