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GDRGerman Democratic Republic (former East Germany)
GDRGenome Database for Rosaceae
GDRGioco Di Ruolo (Italian website)
GDRGlobal Depositary Receipt
GDRGeoscience Data Repository (Canada)
GDRGlobal Depository Receipt
GDRGeneral Distribution Release (Microsoft)
GDRGreat Divide Race
GDRGiant Dipole Resonance (nuclear excitation where the protons and neutrons oscillate against each other)
GDRGlucose Disposal Rate
GDRGeophysical Data Record
GDRGraph Drawing (Visualization Tool for Graph Algorithms)
GDRGreat Dividing Range
GDRGlobal Deactivation of Radiation
GDRGreat Divide Route
GDRGoldstar Resources NL (stock symbol)
GDRGrant, Deny, Revoke (SQL Server)
GDRGroup Delay Ripple
GDRGIS Data Resources, Inc (Novato, California)
GDRGeneral Degree Requirements
GDRGraduate Department of Religion
GDRGareth D. Rees
GDRGreat Divide Ride
GDRGinga Densetsu Riki (anime)
GDRGood Dirt Radio
GDRGarage Door Repair
GDRGenome Database Resource (ARS, decommissioned 2002)
GDRGraves Development Resources (Omaha, Nebraska)
GDRGood Detection Rate
GDRGrin, Duck, Run
GDRGround Data Reduction
GDRGlobal Data Replication and Recovery
GDRGermaniya Demokratik Respublikasi
GDRGiant Death Robot
GDRGroupement de Recherche sur la Supersymétrie (French research network)
GDRGlobal Disasters Report
GDRGreatful Dread Radio (Baltimore, Maryland community radio)
GDRGround Segment Design Report (ADEOS-II)
GDRGeneralized Data Retrieval
GDRGeometric Design Rules (computing)
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Another problem with much older scholarship is its curious provincialism, its lack of comparativist dimension, meaning that the GDR was often seen as something absolutely sui generis; recent scholarship on Eastern European culture should be a pointer to GDR scholars to develop comparative perspectives of their own.
Additionally, Orascom Telecom Media and Technology Holding (OTMT) GDR ratio is 58.
Initially the participation of East German women in the national economy was merely owing to necessity but later this trend became an integral part of GDR society.
Since 2008, GDR Advisory Group has been engaged to conduct field examinations for ABL lenders including Canadian Schedule A banks, American lenders, and hedge funds.
Currently, Nokia Lumia 1520 is said to launch in November with GDR 3 update.
The claim of the GDR to be the 'champion of love and intimacy' was a part of its assertion of moral superiority over the capitalist West, where sex had been reduced to a meaningless distraction or commercial exchange.
We expect the price of Integra's GDRs to fall on the first trading day after the record date as the market will extract the value of the 36% IGSS stake from the company's value.
25 yesterday, the company will have float more new shares for its capital increment and GDR plan, which will bloat its capital and affect the profit level per share.
The work is divided into sections covering representations in film and literature, GDR museums and memorials, and historiography and generational memory, and individual essays address topics such as representations of GDR theater in film and literature, post-unification film and portrayals of the Stasi, Berlin Wall commemorations, and the GDR as a retrospectively imagined community.
Throughout her account, which spans the period from the foundation of the GDR in 1949 to the protests of 1989 and their consequences, Tyndale focuses essentially on two issues: the first is how what would become a largely minority Protestant church in a communist state could serve as a focus for protest in 1989; the second, why the political involvement of churches in East Germany in 1989 did not apparently have a longer-lasting influence in the years that followed.
The GDR programme was established through a USD538m offering that was originally priced at USD14 per GDR.
This fascinating study into the domestic history of the former GDR is based on archival research and interviews although one should note that chapters four and five have already been published.