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GDSGlobal Distribution System
GDSGuards (in titles of British, Russian and other military organisations)
GDSGoogle Desktop Search (Google)
GDSGoodie Domain Service (Vienna University of Technology, Austria)
GDSGeriatric Depression Scale
GDSGross Debt Service (ratio)
GDSGlobal Data Synchronization (synchronizing information between suppliers and retailers)
GDSGraduate Destination Survey
GDSGlobal Deterioration Scale
GDSGeorgetown Day School
GDSGround Data System
GDSGeneral Depreciation System (IRS)
GDSGeneral Data Stream
GDSGlobal Directory Service
GDSGlobal Data Systems
GDSCivic Democratic Party (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
GDSGordon Diagnostic System
GDSGlobal Data Service (Global One)
GDSGeneralized Data Stream
GDSGoogle Dance Syndrome
GDSGlobal Dialling Scheme
GDSGood Day Sunshine (Beatles song)
GDSGeneral Distribution Services
GDSGraphic Display System
GDSGunshot Detection System (Proxity)
GDSGraphic Display Streamer
GDSGunfire Detection System (US Army)
GDSGeoMet Data Services
GDSGlobal Diagnostics System
GDSGeneral Declassification Schedule
GDSGastr del Sol (band)
GDSGlobal Depository Share
GDSGeneral Design Specification
GDSGrupa Doradztwa Strategicznego
GDSGeorgia Dental Society
GDSGrounded Dielectric Slab
GDSGeospatial Display Services
GDSGroup Desk Suite (Canada Post)
GDSGate-Drain Short (semi-conductors)
GDSGateway Digital Switch (communication switching systems)
GDSGaming Device Standard
GDSGeometry Definition System
GDSGeorgia Daffodil Society
GDSGlobal Dictionary Service
GDSGeneric Dispatch System (Bellcore)
GDSGrumman Data Services
GDSGrammar-Directed Search
GDSGame Difficulty Setting (gaming)
GDSGoldstone, California, DSN Tracking Station
GDSGun Display/Direction System
GDSGridlock Data System
GDSGender and Development Studies (various locations)
GDSGlobal Document Solution (various companies)
GDSGeneric Data Structure
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GDS Group comprises of GDS Summits, GDS Digital and Meet the Boss brands
GDS are priced on pay-as-you-go method, which means you get to pay for what you sell, whether the sales come from one GDS or from Multi GDS.
Established in 1977, GDS has successfully completed a number of projects in the UAE and the Gulf region.
After extensive review and testing by other retailers and manufacturers, including Ahold, Wegmans, Gillette, Kraft, and Procter & Gamble, the task force directed GMA and FMI to disseminate the GDSLaunch Pad free to companies in all industries interested in GDS.
If we can combine this with the excellent benefits offered by GDS, and with Spencer's vision and commitment, I am sure that GDS Cardiff will be a huge success: for GDS and for Cardiff as a whole.
Between May and December 1991 the PGCMS and GDS were administered to 120 patients (46 men and 74 women) aged between 70 and 98 and with a mean age of 85.
By winning this important project, we further strengthen our position in the regional market," said Faruk Mohamed Khair, GDS chief executive officer.
Galileo, part of Travelport GDS, one of the world's leading global distribution system (GDS) providers, has been awarded "Best GDS Asia" for the second consecutive year at Travelweekly Asia's 2008 Industry Awards.
Amadeus said that travel agencies connected to the GDS now have access to all Copa Airlines fares, including Web fares.
The Sabre SmartFlow tool kit and the Sabre GDS Analysis components of the SabreSonic Passenger Solutions suite will be used by Alitalia to reduce revenue leakage.
All information resides in one passenger name record (PNR) using the GDS or a graphical interface.
A GDS who dies in harness, the dependents of such GDS will benefit from a liberalized and time bound procedure for engagement on compassionate grounds.