GDSAGroupement de Défense Sanitaire des Abeilles (French beekeeping association)
GDSAGraphic Design Student Association (various universities)
GDSAGeneral Dynamics Systems Australia (Canberra, New South Wales, Australia)
GDSAGovernment Dental Surgeons' Association (Sri Lanka)
GDSAGlobal Decision Support Architecture (computing)
GDSAGippsland Deer Stalkers Association (Morwell, Victoria, Australia)
GDSAGlobal Directory System Agent
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The GDSA emanated from the Summit on Sustainability in Africa in Gaborone which was hosted by President H.
The meeting adopted the GDSA, to which all ten participating African nations South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Liberia, Tanzania, Mozambique, Gabon, Kenya, Ghana and Rwanda had committed themselves to socially equitable and environmentally sound economic growth that is imperative to achieve human development goals in Africa.
A follow-up meeting of the Summit for Sustainability in Africa in Gaborone in October 2013 confirmed the commitment of the participating countries to the value and contribution of natural capital and ecosystem goods and services to their economies and provided an opportunity for the signatory countries to report on progress on implementing the GDSA.
In order to assist countries to develop a vision for pursuing the commitments of the Gaborone Declaration, the GDSA Secretariat is conducting road shows to all individual countries and successful meetings have already been held in Rwanda, Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania, Liberia, and Mozambique.
For customers planning in environments that encompass both old and new systems, i2's GDSA is an open solution that provides access to all of a company's data, as well as to that of the extended enterprise.
In a separate news release today, i2 Technologies has also announced the availability of Java-based collaborative planning tools that use the GDSA.
The RHYTHM GDSA empowers applications to operate via the Intra/Internet in concert with both i2 planning engines as well as Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) systems (such as SAP, Oracle, BAAN, plus other planning solutions).
With the adoption of Java as the foundation for expansion into the extended virtual business enterprise, i2 with RHYTHM GDSA is establishing Internet-based collaborative planning networks," said Mark Tolliver, Vice President of Market Development at Sun.
In the real world of disparate platforms and multiple system environments, the i2 GDSA supports high value collaborative planning for companies and their supply chain partners.
The GDSA allows companies to access and activate their planning and optimization engines via the Internet from distributed sites anywhere in the world.