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GDSIIGraphic Design System II
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The ARM-Synopsys RTL to GDSII reference design flow will be available in November 2001 to ARM Partners as an Implementation Guide for the ARM946E-S microprocessor core, along with supporting scripts.
With the new Innovative evaluation license, designers get the complete IP package with the exception of the GDSII file, and that eliminates that huge risk," said Nabil Takla, president and CEO of Innovative Semiconductors.
The interoperability, based on the industry standard OpenAccess database, allows users of the OpenAccess version of Calibre nmDRC to directly open databases containing PCells from any vendor without first streaming out to GDSII.
These design kits include pre-qualified CD bias ranges, OPC directives and GDSII layer specifications for the TSMC-supported method of GDSII annotation.
5-million-cell network storage chip from RTL to GDSII in half the time compared to Vitesse's current approach.