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GDTGlobal Descriptor Table
GDTGas Discharge Tube (energy, electrotechinical and electronics)
GDTGeneral Department of Taxation (Vietnam)
GDTGeometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing
GDTGeographically Dispersed Team
GDTGame Day Thread (forums)
GDTGeophysical Diffraction Tomography
GDTGlobal Dairy Trade
GDTGeneral Discussion Thread
GDTGate Drive Transformer
GDTGame Developers Toolkit
GDTGenetic Decision Tree
GDTGreat Deku Tree (gaming, The Legend of Zelda)
GDTGracies Dinnertime Theatre
GDTGeneral Daily Thread (Weight Watchers forum)
GDTGreenwich Daylight Savings Time
GDTGuidant, Inc (stock symbol)
GDTGas Decay Tank
GDTGeorgia Drill Team
GDTGeoDict (file format)
GDTGrand Turk Islands, Turks and Caicos Islands (airport code)
GDTGround Data Terminal
GDTGoal Directed Therapy
GDTGrand Dictionnaire Terminologique (French: Great Terminology Dictionary)
GDTGraphic Design Technology (educational course)
GDTGround Defence Training (UK military)
GDTGetting Things Done
GDTGeographic Data Technology Inc.
GDTGroup Delay Time
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If this performance continues, I expect the Kingdom can substantially fund its annual budget within 3 years with the combination of GDT and customs revenues,' he said.
a provider of Omnichannel Contact Center solutions, has announced a new partnership with GDT, to deliver integrated customer experience solutions on the Cisco Collaboration platform, the company said.
Our investments with Cisco enable GDT sales and engineering teams to provide thought leadership and expertise for tier 1, 2, and 3 Solution Providers.
The GDT is well on its way to embark on comprehensive ICT programs and software to facilitate all aspects of tax collection in Cambodia.
Bo Linton, president of GDT TEK said, 'GDT Tek has the opportunity to expand its business model into the acquisitions of operational landfills.
GDT and RESPONSE will work jointly to further refine data specifications based on the needs of RESPONSE and its customers.
The autoloader makes it easy for a customer to get up and running with the data in a short time period," said Patrick Curley, the GDT product manager in charge of Dynamap/Display.
I look forward to the opportunity to introduce even more race fans to the General Datatech brand by driving our GDT car as part of the Kelly-Moss Motorsports team.
John Yrigoyen, Director of Mobility for GDT said, "We have taken a great deal of time to understand the capabilities of Purple and we currently view this solution as the market leader based on the rich data it delivers, the connectors in place with platforms such as TripAdvisor and the training and support provided by the team.
President of GDT Tek, Bo Linton said, 'The GDT Tek waste Heat to Electricity, Phoenix system, is an amazing technology and is worthy of more attention by magazines and news sources.
GDT consistently provides the industry's best nationwide geocoding results, and GDT data is the foundation for the industry's major geocoding software applications.
Robb Blackard, manager for the GDT Cabling Manufacturing Division, said, "At GDT, we take great pride in the quality of our facilities and processes, and this ISO certification for our custom cabling manufacturing facility is strong evidence of that.