GDUGene Drayton Unit (band)
GDUGelatin Digesting Unit
GDUGlobal Delivery Unit (industrial production center network)
GDUgraphical display unit
GDUGastroduodenal Ulceration
GDUGun Direction Unit
GDUGunner Display Unit
GDUGimbal Drive Unit
GDUGlutamine Dumper (amino acid transporter in plants)
GDUGate Driver Unit (automotive)
GDUGas Drying Unit
GDUGlobal Defense Union
GDUGun Display Unit
GDUGarbage Disposal Unit
GDUGroveley Detection Ultrasonic
GDUGrowing Degree Unit (crop maturity rates)
GDUGeorge Double Use (band)
GDUGas Detection Unit
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Four coordinated, multisite production systems, each consisting of 1 MF farm that includes both gilts and pigs to produce replacement female stock, 1 GDU farm to raise replacement female gilts from 3 to ~26 weeks of age, and 4 BTW farms to raise pigs for meat, were selected to monitor the dynamics of IAV transmission in swine breeding herds.
However, the current GDU market offers no standard solution - only same functions such as:
Firing parameters generated from target information supplied by these forward observers are immediately computed and relayed to the gun-mounted GDUs via radio or wire.
The car, number Y879 GDU, was stolen from Shirley, Birmingham, on November 13.
Operating via the AS90's UK/PRC 351 Clansman VHF radio, the GDU receives fire control orders directly from the British Army's new BATES artillery command and control system.
It includes the GDU 620 display/control unit, GRS 77 AHRS, GDC 74A digital air data computer, GMU 44 tri-axial magnetometer and GTP 59 temp probe.
Major GDU components, including heat exchanger vessels, air coolers, regeneration skids, absorber columns, air receiver skids and interconnecting piping were delivered in the fourth quarter.
If we have to shut down the gunner's display unit (GDU) because the MLRS launcher is not running, it takes us at least 10 minutes to power the GDU back up.
The face of the G3X is the GDU 370/375, a large, seven-inch portrait screen display that resembles Garmin's GPSMAP 695/696 portable.
FMV intend to sign a contract with a supplier that should be technical support operator for the IT system general warehouse maintenance Notes (GDU) and GDU-web, in the specifications collectively, the GDU.
Not all Linux distribution providers are alike," said Lars Micheel, head of GDU SAP Solution Delivery for T-Systems.
Bapco's projects engineering department is currently executing the project -- the total cost of which is estimated at $74 million -- to install seven new Khuff gas dehydration units, as well connecting one Khuff gas well, to the central GDU at the onshore Bahrain Field as part of the 2007-2011 Khuff gas development programme.