GDoHGauteng Department of Health (South Africa)
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SAMA condemned the GDoH for ignoring the concerns that had been expressed by representatives of the medical and psychiatric fraternity, and in particular, by SASOP, South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) and the South African Mental Health Federation (SAMHF).
Several GDoH managers were copied in this letter, including the chief director for planning and the chief financial officer.
Also, any 'discharging' of patients that might have happened only occurred with the assurance from GDoH officials that they would be transferred to equivalent care facilities.
11] The GDoH, however, by unashamedly failing to adhere to ethical norms and standards, abominably violated the right to dignity of these patients.
The GDoH did not take all the necessary measures to fulfil the right to life of these patients.
The GDoH is required by law to follow and apply any international and regional law relevant to SA.