GEABGraduate Education Advancement Board (University of North Carolina; Chapel Hill, NC)
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Global Systemic Crisis in Summer 2009: The Cumulative Impact of Three "Rogue Waves", Public Announcement Special Summer 2009 GEAB N[degrees]36 (June 17) http://www.
Although Gotland is sparsely populated, its inhabitants and visitors are sophisticated telecommunications consumers," said Lars Samuelsson, Managing Director of GEAB.
GEAB conducted a competitive vendor selection process, and selected an extensive 3.
We are committed to the success of the GEAB project, which can be an excellent model for other communities in Western Europe.
Lars Samuelsson, Managing Director of GEAB, said: "Our cooperation with Main.
In Gotland, we successfully met our two major goals: to supply GEAB with an excellent technological solution to meet the high demand for PLC and Quality of Service on one hand, and to offer an cost effective solution for rural areas, where other technologies are not competitive.
GEAB (Gotlands Energiverk AB), the joint venture of Vattenfall and the Municipality of Gotland, is part of the Vattenfall Group and supplies energy to the inhabitants of the Island of Gotland, Sweden.