GEAPSGrain Elevator And Processing Society (formerly Society of Grain Elevator Superintendents)
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At GEAPS, Cytec will be partnering with Horn Technologies Inc, the manufacturer of the unique Horn Diluphos System which allows on-site blending of Cytec s VAPORPH3OSA phosphine fumigant with ambient air.
We're really excited about GEAPS," said Paul Smith, Sales and Project Design Representative at Legacy Building Solutions.
This training seminar will provide a comprehensive, unique, and cost-effective educational opportunity developed for professionals in the grain handling and processing industry as well as the rescue professionals who serve them," said Steve Halverson, CEO of Halverson Company and GEAPS Chapter President.
Attendance is free to all GEAPS members and all emergency personnel.
GEAPS Associates Board President Tom Runyon cited Towne's far-ranging influence as an innovative designer of grain-storage and handling systems as well as his commitment to industry safety.
In addition to the Rheden and Agotnes depots, GEAPS has Centers of Excellence in Houston, Texas, and Miami, Fla.
By the end of 2001, GEAPS plans to make the following additional technical improvements to both the Rheden and Agotnes depots:
Two GE Power Systems businesses -- GEAPS and Florence, Italy-based Nuovo Pignone -- won the contract, with Nuovo Pignone as the oil/gas lead.