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GebGeboren (German: born)
GEBGebouw (Dutch: building)
GEBGoogle Earth Blog
GEBGuiding Eyes for the Blind
GEBGujarat Electricity Board (India)
GEBGeneral Education Board
GEBGodel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid (book by Douglas Hofstadter)
GEBGlobal Ecology and Biogeography
GEBGuaranteed Equity Bond
GEBGolden Eagle Broadcasting (Tulsa, Oklahoma)
GEBGreenwich Enterprise Board (UK)
GEBGum Elastic Bougie
GEBGeneral Education Building (various colleges)
GEBGames and Economic Behaviour
GEBGroupe Energie Biomasse
GEBSchuh-Großeinkaufs- Bund GmbH (Germany)
GEBGenomes, Evolution and Bioinformatics
GEBGlobal Executive Banking
GEBGeorges-Edouard Berenger
GEBGolden Eagle Band
GEBGenetic Evaluation Board (Canadian Dairy Board)
GEBGreat Embroideries of Bukhara
GEBGraduate Engineering Bridges
GEBGrid Enabled Blast
GEBGebe Airport, Indonesia
GEBGeneral Employee Benefits
GEBGuide Editorial Board
GEBGraduate Executive Board
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Para atletas e individuos fisicamente ativos, o GAF pode superar o GEB, sendo assim, muito importante estimar adequadamente os requerimentos de energia ocasionados pela atividade fisica destes individuos (Volp e colaboradores, 2011; Rossi, 2013).
59% in 2011, because of reforms in the IPO market, including the elimination of the offering price supervision system and establishment of the GEB.
Apparently, holders of NS&I's fourth GEB are really sitting pretty-having locked into FTSE-100 at just 3847.
Canada Life says that a GEB launched five-and-a-half years ago would have earned 44 per cent by now.
Alexander Wilmot-Sitwell, Joint Global Head, Investment Banking Department, UBS Investment Bank, will also become Chairman and CEO, UBS Group EMEA, and will join the GEB.
Now we're making an exciting change: We're opening GEB to any online member who wants to contribute the way the GEB does
Sales of its GEB ISA are 900 per cent ahead of this time last year.
And we bid fond farewells to GEB "grads" who've left as they turned 15 or given up GEB to meet busy schedules.
In Group G, the drain tube of the PLMA was primed with a lubricated GEB with its straight end first, leaving the 5 cm bent portion protruding from the proximal end (for the assistant to grip) and the maximum length protruding from the distal end (for the anaesthetist to manipulate).
NEW YORK -- On October 13, 2005, Great Eastern Bank ("GEB") announced a merger agreement providing for the merger of GEB with United Commercial Bank ("UCB").
GEB girls comb through oodles of girl creations to help make a marvelous mix for the magazine and online community.