GECCOGenetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference
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GECCO will bring together scientists and engineers from around the world to discuss how it is possible to simulate evolution computationally in order to solve problems in business, finance, architecture, biology, engineering, mathematics, and many other areas.
It is amazing to see the creativity and scholarship in the GECCO conference each year," said the conference chair, James A.
Green GECCO, a joint venture between 29 municipal utilities and RWE Innogy, took over the wind farm at the end of June.
GECCO continues the tradition of bringing together the entire spectrum of research in genetic and evolutionary computation, including genetic algorithms; classifier systems; genetic programming; evolvable hardware; DNA and molecular computing; evolutionary strategies; evolutionary programming; evolutionary design; evolutionary routing and scheduling; artificial life, adaptive behavior, agents, and ant colony optimization; as well as real-world applications of all of these areas.
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I hope that GECCO will introduce people from Wall Street to these ideas, and where people looking to apply them can get a better idea of what problems are important on greater Wall Street.
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