GEECGeneral Espresso Equipment Corp. (est. 1995)
GEECGreat Eastern Energy Corporation Ltd. (also seen as GEECL)
GEECGroupe Etude de l'Épaule et du Coude
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The GEEC group shares what it has learned with others looking for wind energy, he said.
LeClerc gave credit for much of the success of his program to other members of the GEEC organization and state and federal officials who helped with its approval and funding.
The Company's President, Yi Lung Lin, said, "With the effective registration statement, GEEC is now in position to penetrate the Singapore market more effectively with the anticipated establishment of ten retail chain stores, giving the Company a wider opportunity to distribute its enzyme range of products and to service the customers and GEEC Enzyme Club Members better.
The store is the first of ten GEEC Retail Chain Stores planned by the Company.
Stock Dividend: GEEC Record date: 1/07/05; payment date: 1/31/2005 Five additional shares of common stock for every 100 shares held.
In order to receive the stock dividend, a stockholder of record on the record date must continue to hold GEEC stock through the dividend payment date of January 30, 2005.
GEEC and Alvi Project Services, in September of 2002, entered into an agency agreement for the right to install Biosphere Systems in Pakistan.