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GEMAGeorgia Emergency Management Agency
GEMAGesellschaft für Musikalische Aufführungs- und Mechanische Vervielfältigungsrechte (German musical copyright monitoring body)
GEMAGlobal Engine Manufacturing Alliance (automotive engines jointly developed by DaimlerChrysler, Hyundai, and Mitsubishi)
GEMAGroupement des Entreprises Mutuelles d'Assurances (French)
GEMAGlobal Emergency Medicine Archives (journal)
GEMASociété Générale Maritime
GEMAGeneralized Expectation Maximization Algorithm
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It remains to be seen how the ongoing legal dispute between the video sharing platform and GEMA will affect the establishment of a similar subscription plan in Germany.
GEMA notified RapidShare repeatedly of the violations in 2006 and 2008, and demanded that (a) the 4,800 files and links be deleted, and (b) that RapidShare investigate whether files have been uploaded in violation of copyrights.
Damage in Gordon County was mainly to residential communities of Farmville and Senoraville, the GEMA says.
GEMA collects money from radio stations, pressing plants and whoever distributes.
It was in this post-9-11 environment that GEMA reached out to new business interests by partnering with BENS' Georgia Business Force group, which connects state agency officials with business executives from top Georgia companies.
Similarly unusual is that when we meet with Coventry, he is outfitted in the same GEMA uniform--a black and grey GEMA shirt and black Dockers pants--worn by everyone else in the facility: "I'm not the important one here," he says.
Speaking of the manufacturing approach being deployed, Coventry states, "Flexible machining centers in a hospital-clean manufacturing environment are the basis to the GEMA business model.
Volkswagen - Ryton - BMW - Rolls-Royce - DaimlerChrysler - GEMA - Freightliner- Fiat - Ferrari - Ford - Collins & Aikman- Broadmeadows - Nissan - General Motors- Honda - Hyundai - Suzuki - Mitsubishi - Peugeot - Toyota - Volkswagen - Audi - Volvo - Bogdan - ZAZ
GEMA formed the alliance to develop a new family of four-cylinder engines, dubbed "World Engine", in North America.
GEMA was established to support the interests and rights of consumers, by promoting effective competition and regulating networks in the gas and electricity industry.
GEMA is a joint venture of DaimlerChrysler, Mitsubishi and Hyundai.
She will become an executive member of GEMA from 1 February 2016 for seven years.