GEMEGeneral Embedded Machine Engine
GEMEGeo-Environmental Mine Engineering (University of Wollongong; Australia)
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As I cannot hope to give all the essays the critical attention they deserve, I will here focus primarily on those that I find most insightful or provoking or both, and run the risk of seeming to unjustly overlook the rest (especially those by Gemes and Siemens).
Aunque sepamos que el modelo HD genera, por caso, el problema de las conjunciones irrelevantes, este mismo modelo concuerda, como dice Gemes (25), con gran parte del trabajo empirico.
Ms Gemes asks that this caution be brought to the attention of our readers: Warning: Please be aware that this article contains portraits and names of Indigenous persons no longer with us.
So Much More than Words', in Proof--Portraits from The Movement 1978-2003--Juno Gemes (exhibition catalogue), National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, and Macquarie University Art Gallery, Sydney, 2003, pp.
This paper shows how indeterminacy differs from underdetermination, and it explains in what ways such gifted Quine scholars as Ken Gemes and Lars Bergstr6m went astray.
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