GEMMGlobal Electronic Music Marketplace (website)
GEMMGilt-Edged Market Makers (bank)
GEMMGreater Excellence in Management and Maintenance (South Coast Apartment Association)
GEMMGlobal E-Commerce Mega Marketplace (online superstore)
GEMMGround Electronics Maintenance Manager
GEMMGeneral Matrix-Matrix
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The GEMM awards were presented in 39 categories, including outstanding developer; best communities; top managers and maintenance professionals; and exceptional education, marketing and sales programs.
If they do differ, the researcher must be able to test for this and to conduct separate runs of the GEMM for each instance in which movements are significantly different.
GEMM used donated denim and other fabrics to create bags, cushions, scissor cases and Christmas stockings.
It has been strategically designed to offer a full suite of integrated GEMM services for the exploration and mining industry.
10 John Baird hails his goal but it wasn't enough because Cowdenbeath hit back for victory; GEMM FOR A LAUGH: John Gemmell celebrates his opener
It is based on the use of the matrix-matrix multiplication kernel GEMM.
GEMM OVER: Scott Gemmill, centre, after Clyde's second
With suitable partitioning, all the other level 3 BLAS can be defined in terms of GEMM and a small amount of level 1 and level 2 computations.
In addition to a successful completion of the rigorous and competitive selection process for trading the highly-rated securities of the Dutch State Treasury, last week Jefferies was appointed as a primary dealer or GEMM (Gilt-edged Market Maker) in the UK, and in October the firm was designated as a member of the bidding group for government bonds in Germany.
In nearly every case, Bolig's recommended speeds are in agreement with Favia-Artsay, but there are three significant exceptions, decided in collaboration with transfer engineer Ward Marston during the production of the Caruso Edition in 1989-90 (Pearl GEMM CD 9424-9435 [1991], 12 CDs).