GEOCGlobal Enterprise Operations Center (US DoD)
GEOCGovernment Emergency Operations Centre
GEOCGraduate Employee Organizing Committee
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Previous media reports have indicated that 4C GEOC - a tie-up between US-based 4C Controls and Hydra Trading - will itself establish a training programme in the capital.
The forum is the result of a memorandum of understanding signed between the GCC and European chambers back in October, said GEOC chairman Eric Ohayon.
He added that GEOC was involved in organising a tour that will bring representatives of 20 European chambers on a business visit to all the GCC states between May 31 and June 4.
oHaving 4CAEs GEOC in Abu Dhabi will uniquely provide our region access to key technology, secure and timely data acquisition.
Jean-Robert Martin, Chairman of the 4C Controls Board, said the GEOC will form a global network of three ground stations spread across the Middle East, Africa and Latin America to collect satellite data and provide telemetry, tracking and control.
The recent announcement by Abu Dhabi based 4C GEOC for a US$1 billion dollar Earth Observation Space Center, Yahsat's planned telecommunication satellites launches and the scheduled launch this summer of the UAE's first ingeniously built remote sensing satellite, DubaSat-1, is further evidence that the UAE is showing the way forward for Arab countries in the creation of a regional space programme.
The 4C GEOC will be developed in a collaborative venture between United States public company 4C Controls Incorporated, and Abu Dhabi based Hydra Trading LLC.
The 4C GEOC will have access to all COSMO-SkyMed images through an exclusive distribution agreement that 4C and e-GEOS SpA, which grants exclusive satellite image distribution rights to 4C to certain countries in the Middle East and North Africa, including the UAE.
The 4C GEOC programme will also create a new generation of skilled space engineers and technicians specialising in the world's most advanced satellite technologies.
4 of GEOC Mine Ballarpur Area for weighment and unloading.
The GEOC monitors and responds to international and domestic incidents, like natural disasters and security threats, that can potentially impact business continuity.
We re committed to the safety and security of our employees, but we also recognize that business continuity is of the utmost importance, as our customers provide mission critical services to the soldiers and citizens of this country, said Lanny Lockhart, GEOC Director for Lockheed Martin IS&GS.