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GEODEGeo-Data Explorer (USGS)
GEODEGrid Enabled Occupational Data Environment (UK)
GEODEGeodynamics and Ore Deposit Evolution
GEODEGeologic Data Explorer (USGS)
GEODEGeographic Data Evaluation System (RTI International)
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Pivotal has submitted a proposal to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) to incubate Project Geode under ASF governance in order to grow a vibrant open source community around Geode the "Apache Way".
2, this further integration of Sage Geode into Sage ERP X3 and the solution enhancements it brings are part of our aim to build on our product quality.
Hafner's Geode collection on the other hand pays ode to the beauty of geodes, the hollow, spheroidal rocks bearing crystals and other precious or semi-precious stones.
We are excited AMD's new Geode LX processor supports Windows XP and XP Embedded," said Jane Gilson, director of marketing for the Mobile and Embedded Devices Division at Microsoft Corp.
com/iCacheDigitalWallet or @GeodeWallet for more information on iCache and Geode.
Registration fees for the Lake Geode Challenge are $65 for individuals and $123 for teams through July 2.
Released three weeks after the iPhone application (currently available in the iTunes store), the Geode Communicator for the iPad became available in the iTunes store on June 22nd, 2010, making communicating more, faster and easier.
With the AMD Geode processor-based development boards, design engineers can quickly create a full range of products for a variety of uses," said Erik Salo, director of marketing, Personal Connectivity Solutions Group, AMD.
Geode Origami, which is about the size and weight of a small digital camcorder, runs on Microsoft Windows Embedded XP and incorporates National Semiconductor's low-power Geode SC3200 processor.
Prior to joining Geode, Perry served as Director of BlackRock, Inc.
The AMD Geode SOM-144 RDK represents AMD's ongoing commitment to provide customer development solutions for low-power, high-performance products.
We are immediately and significantly changing the Mobile Payments space forever with the upcoming launch of the Geode.