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GEOIDGravity for Earth, Ocean and Ice Dynamics
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L, total profile length (km); LU(G), land uplift rate relative to geoid (mm/yr) (Suursaar & Kall 2017).
A geocentric datum is one that best fits the ellipsoid to the geoid over the entire earth such as WGS84 and GDA94; both are used with GPS systems.
The meridional componentand [xi] the prime vertical component [eta] of DOV are calculated from the two directions of geoid gradients (Heiskanen & Moritz, 1967), that is
The team then compared the measurements with a high-resolution geoid reconstruction created using gravity data collected by satellites.
Research interests: gravity field and geoid modelling, terrestrial laser scanning.
Data were originally reported relative to an assumed vertical datum and then corrected to the Canadian Gravimetric Geoid (CGG) 2005 vertical datum by the National Hydrology Research Institute (M.
At university level this may be further amended to a geoid.
ALMOST A year's worth of data from the European Space Agency's Gravity Field and Steady-Stale Ocean Explorer satellite has allowed scientists to construct the most precise geoid ever created.
Determining exactly what the geoid is (ie the hypothetical shape of the Earth, coinciding with mean sea level and its imagined extension under or over land areas) provides a reference platform for measuring the altitude of satellites.
PLATT, (2008), Lithosphere structure underneath the Tibetan Plateau inferred from elevation, gravity and geoid anomalies, Earth.
The shape of the Earth is known as the geoid and its surface approximates to sea level in the absence of any disturbing forces such as winds and ocean currents.