GEOIDEGeomatics for Informed Decisions
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Actualmente es Director del Programa de Topografia de la Universidad del Quindio, ademas es profesor investigador en la Universidad del Quindio Armenia, pertenece al grupo de investigacion GEOIDE G62.
Profesor investigador grupo GEOIDE G-62 (Universidad del Quindio) y Gerencia de la Tierra (Universidad La Gran Colombia).
Profesor investigador, Universidad del Quindio, Facultad de Ingenieria, Programa de Topografia, grupo GEOIDE G-62 (Universidad del Quindio).
The status of business/retail geomatics in Canada can be identified from the representation of research in the field within the structure of the GEOIDE investment portfolio.
The numbers in Table 1 refer to the range of categories to which the 27 projects funded through GEOIDE contribute.
Business/commercial geomatics forms just one sub-category of the 'services' sector in the GEOIDE network, and, despite much advertising in the academic community, only one project in the network -- Geomatics for Strategic Planning -- focuses on research in this area.
A second phase of the GEOIDE network's NCE grant has been renewed for the period 2002/5.
Future research in commercial/business geomatics within GEOIDE will thus focus even more clearly on activities at the end of the geomatics information life course, and extend the purview of the developing discipline.
TABLE 1 Summary of GEOIDE Investment Portfolio, 1998/2001 (with number of supported projects contributing to each category) Users/Technologies Natural Environment Transportation Resources Data Acquisition, e.
Lobjectif du reseau canadien GEOIDE dans l'utilisation de la geomatique est d'informer a la prise de decision.
He is a member of the Centre for Research in Geomatics, where he acted as the Founding-Director, and is involved in the GEOIDE Network of Centers of Excellence.
He supervised several Argumentation Map case studies as part of his contribution to a GEOIDE network project on "Promoting Sustainable Communities through Participatory Spatial Decision Support.