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GEOINTGeospatial Intelligence
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To date, NGA has enrolled three NCOs in the Enlisted GEOINT Career Advancement Program (GCAP), as well as a commissioned officer in the agency's Junior Officer GEOINT Program (J0GP).
Furthermore, the EMIB PED includes integration and synchronization of both the traditional GEOINT mission with the embedded Cryptological Support Teams tactical SIGINT operations.
The strides in GEOINT taken under her leadership, contribute appreciably to achieving the goals and objectives of Intelligence 2020 in support of Army 2020, and will help assure "No Cold Starts" and "No GEOINT Soldier at Rest.
The professionalism of the GEOINT Soldier is the only way to meet the Army's 2020 vision and ensure the A-ISR layer is ready for our next conflict, humanitarian, or natural disaster.
As the Army moves from an established GEOINT COP in Afghanistan to worldwide support to COCOM commanders under RAF missions, FORSCOM is committed to developing, standardizing, and employing the GEOINT capabilities to meet commanders' needs.
GEOINT is a form of intelligence collection that has become technologically advanced.
BAE said, as per the contract, BAE Systems will be responsible to assist in the exploitation and processing of geospatial data and develop various intelligence products for INSCOMs Military Intelligence Brigade Theatre Integrated GEOINT Divisions.
The 10th Mountain Division (LI) established a GEOINT section and analytical approach resulting in more holistic and multi-disciplined intelligence products that most comprehensively displays fused analysis for commanders.